#01 Kick-Off Meeting

Meeting Objective

The SILICE Kick-Off meeting is aimed at setting the groundwork for the start of the project. The outcomes of the meeting include:

  • Meeting Silice colleagues
  • Review of the project's goals and objectives and outline of the project "pillars" (work packages)
  • Understanding of the project's financial management
  • Outlining future plans- project schedule
  • Establishing of working groups
  • Developing consortium dynamics communications and working methods



Day 1- Monday 6th of March

09:00–09:30 Reception
09:00–10:00 Introduction
10:00-11:00 Institution presentations- Idc, Oranim , Sapir , Tel -Hai , Sakhnin (Part 1)
11:00-11:30 Erasmus+ Israel (Ms. Kathrin Theurillat)
11:30-12:30 Institution presentations- Uni of Pune, Edulab, LTJSS, TUB, VERN, Uni LISBOA (Part 2)
12:30-13:30 Lunch (Paid directly from per diem)
13:30-15:00 Reviewing the Project
15:00-16:00 What is innovating / Entrepreneurship
16:00-17:00 Partnership agreement

Day 2- Tuesday, 7th of March

08:00-08:30 Pick Up bus- Tel Aviv- Herzliya
08:30-09:45 Organized bus to Oranim college- Driving
10:00-10:15 Reception
10:15-11:00 Management & Administration Structure
11:15-12:15 Financial Management Guidelines
12:15-13:15 Lunch
13:15- 14:30 Project WG Overview
14:30-16:00 WG Breakout Sessions
16:00-17:00 Quality Assurance and Dissemination
17:00-17:30 Pick Up bus- Oranim
17:30-19:30 Team Dinner
19:30-21:30 Pick Up bus- Driving to Herzliya-Tel Aviv

Day 3- Wednesday, 8th of March

08:30-09:00 Reception
09:00-10:00 How should the project quality be evaluated and promoted on the institutional level?
10:00-11:00 WG
11:00-12:00 Lecture- How to measure gender/social impact?
12:00-13:00 Summary & Final Plenary


Meeting Results:

  • Mapping India expected training for EU
  • Mapping Israel expected training for EU
  • Drafting Eu best practice of SI & SE

Decisions taken:

Revising work plan (Was later finalized in a conference call with the EU partners, on the 4th of April- find here the link for the meeting outcome)

  • Leader of WP change (IST & Vern)
  • 2 Target groups instead of 3
  • 2 training modules instead of 3 8 trainings (4 in EU, 2 in IL, 2 in IN) All together*
  • Intensive trainings of 11 days instead of 14


  • Absent partners to present themselves at next meeting
  • All Israeli partners must deliver to WP1 (work package) by next MC meeting a benchmarking map of their institutions vis-à-vis social entrepreneurship / innovation activities
  • European partners are asked to delver to WP1 their Sinnolab best practices within two months


  • A strategic plan will be elucidated by WP3 (led by Oranim)
  • A feedback form will be sent to all participants following each event


Management Presentations