#13 Tel Hai-Israel, Training-SinnoLABs Managers, 25-27 June 2018

Meeting Objective

MODULE 4 for SinnoLABs Managers – Developing sustainable hubs and evaluating social impact/output

Method:  Study through practical experience


  • Resource identification and management for sustainability
  • Introduction to the evaluation of social programmes, social values and ways of measurement (including public policy and the fous on impact)
  • Financing social enterprises and social start-ups (loans, equity funding, micro crediting, business angels, venture capital, etc.)
  • Innovative and alternative sources of financing social enterprises and social start-ups (crowdfunding, crowd investing, local currencies, social grants, cryptocurrencies, community bonds, social bonds, socially responsible investing, etc.)
  • Social impact framework and measuring outcomes - balancing economic and community value
  • Understanding and measuring social impact and social value of social projects (e.g. drafting call for proposals, selection of experts to evaluate proposals, evaluation grid, evaluation principles and criteria, definition of type of support aimed to increase social impact)
  • Leveraging value from and for the triple helix, interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder benefits
  • Bringing this all together: What does mean for me and my institution?

Learning output: Participant (manager) will acquire skills necessary to manage resources and be flexible thought processes, the ability to make changes during the process in order to achieve and increase impact of social innovation and/or social entrepreneurship


Day 1 - 25/06/2018 – Monday

09:00-09:30  Welcome – Registration Managers

09:30-11:00  Opening: Welcome to Tel-Hai College

Introduction to the training schedule and administrative Issues.

10:00-11:00  Goals & Objectives, Work plan and Gannett-Board – third year of the project

11:00-11:15 Break

11:15-12:45  Hackatons: What is Hackaton and how to organize it? Rules and conclusion from the pilot projects

12:45-13:30  Lunch Break

13:30-15:00  Understanding and measuring social impact and social value of social projects.

Introduction to the evaluation of social programmes, social values and ways of measurement.

15:00-15:15  Break

15:15-16:30  Projects in Tel-hai: Foodtech Academy laboratory + 'Hamama' Project for advancement students with learning disabilities

16:30-17:00  Wrap-up

Day 2 - 26/06/2018 – Tuesday

09:00-09:30  Registration Managers + Teachers

09:30-10:00  Greetings

10:00-11:30  SinnoLAB'S Report on the progress- In establishing each SinnoLAB (business model and action plans) each Manager will deliver short presentation 4-7 slides of SinnoLABs’ Progress

11:30-11:45  Break

11:45-13:00  SinnoLAB's Report on the progress in establishing each SinnoLAB - business model and action plans (continued)

13:00-14:00  Lunch

14:00-15:30  Financing SinnoLAB activities financing or assisting in providing social financing for the clients-entrepreneurs

15:30-15:45  Break

15:45-17:00  Elevator pitch and the pending parts on influencing, negotiating and decision-making training session


Dinner at "Adama" in Kibbutz Snir (https://www.facebook.com/adamaltd.co.il)

Registration to Transportation in the registration table


Day 3 - 27/06/2018 – Wednesday

08:30-10:00  By transportation from Tel-Hai to Sakhnin

10:00-11:00  Cooperation between Business and Academic Projects in Sakhnin area

11:00-11:15  Break

11:15-12:15  Introduction for SinnoLAB teachers & managers: Creating working relationships and partnerships - How to work together?

12:15-12:30  Break

12:30-14:00  Introduction to project evaluation

14:00-14:45  Lunch

14:45-16:30  Beit-Netoffa Vally Regional Association for the Environment and Ecological 

16:30-17:00  Welcome and a festive reception

17:00  Bus Tour- (1 Hour) back to Tel-Hai Area




Travel & Meeting Venue

Tel-Hai College