IDC Local Competition

Date: March 31, 2019

Location: IDC

The idea of integrating people with intellectual disabilities into an academic institution is an original and positive idea with the ability to influence both the target population and the students and faculty in the academic institution. Attention to the importance of details shows creative  thinking. The project requires significant manpower but it can certainly be applied to any academic institution in Israel or around the world. 

Name of winning project: Shoval

Criteria used for judging:

1. Extent and extent of impact

2. Is there an advantage compare to existing venture

3. The connection between the need to the idea

4. The long-term potential and value of the solution

Points of strength: easy to implement, creative thinking

Suggestions for future changes: Better understanding over the characteristics of the target population

Name and signature of person writing the protocol.

Names and occupation of Judges: 

  • Dr. Adi Koll, Dean of Student
  • Ms. Galit Zvi, Deputy Dean of Students
  •       Dr. Yossi Maaravi, Vice Dean Adelson School of Entrepreneurship
  •       Prof. Yoav Yair, Dean, School of Sustainability
  •       Dr. Rinat Ben-Noon, Geographer and Social Planner
  •       Mr. Ronen Drori, Head of Rabin Leadership Program

Number and names of projects and students in the final stage of competition:

  1. Ecomeal – Guy Ginat, Amit Ofri
  2. GLOVIT – Elad Jacobovich                                                                                                                                         High school participants: Tomer Klienfeld, Zohar Trinin, Matan Ozdin, Omri Dorbush  
  3. The Golden Decade – Omer Peretz, Yam Lichtman, Yoav Ben-Hur
  4. Shoval – Or Hershkovits, Hadar Choen, Adi Vizel, Oded Haronian, Tomer Govring
  5. MeetNadev – Matan Asulin, Saar Jacobovitch, Shoam Choen
  6. Help & Tech – Yoav Shotland, Yonatan Eldan
  7. Skilleres Connect – Lior Samak, Michael Shilo
  8. Ha’meyasdim – Noa Ben-Haim, Yotam Rand

Future City Hackathon

Date: January 10, 2019
Location: IDC

Special guests and their role: Our partners from IDC Sustainability faculty, Judges from
varies construction companies, and EY accounting and consulting company

Number of faculty members/ staff members participated: 7

Number of students participated: 60 graduates and undergraduates from 10 different faculties in Israel

Inter-Future is the first green hackathon amongst the tradition of hackathons at IDC Herzliya, and as such, is a tool and platform to bring young and bright entrepreneurs from a variety of fields together in collaboration alongside major companies, new start-ups, municipalities, and mentors to create innovative solutions to meet our 21st century challenges in the urban habitat.
The winning team has developed a platform creates an interface connecting between private car navigation to the last mile troubleshooting solution – bicycle rental, scooter rental etc., aiming to Close the gap of micro & macro mobility with innovative technology

First Competition for Social Entrepreneurship

On May 28, 2018, IDC’s SinnoLab held its first competition for Social Entrepreneurship.

Dozens of students and groups applied for the competition, of which 8 were selected for the final stage.

Three of them won financial prizes.

The competition was very exciting both for the students and for us, academic staff from various faculties were invited, and IDC’s management also arrived. Here are some details about the winning projects:

First place: Back to society A project designed to help prisoners before their release to receive professional training that will help them find jobs after they are released from prison.

Second place: Money Ride is a project that aims to create communities of drivers who drive corporate vehicles for cooperative driving “car pool” using a special app. The program is designed to reduce traffic jams, reduce air pollution and reduce the use of fuel by means of a mechanism of monetary compensation for participants.

Third place: No More Hunger Technological development meant to prevent the warming of greenhouses in hot countries and is intended to help reduce hunger in the world.


# of applications submitted: 35

# of students involved in those applications: 140

# of projects that elevated to the second stage of the competition: 8

# of spectators who reached the finals of the competition: 100

Among them:

–          80 students

–          20 faculty members among them: Dean of Sustainability faculty, Deputy Dean of Government faculty, Vice president for Administration, CEO of IDC’s External relations Departments, Vice president of Finance and many more.

# of winning projects: 3

The prizes:

–          First runner-up: 5,000 $

–          Second Runner-up: 3,000 $

–          Third Runner-up: 2,000 $

For more information about the projects:


 Money Rid

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