Sapir College has become a leading, large-scale academic institution and is
presently the largest public college in Israel. About 9,000 students are enrolled
in undergraduate, graduate programs in a diverse range of academic
departments, as well as study tracks in practical engineering, continuing
education and arts. Sapir College is committed to academic excellence and
equity in education, and serves as a regional hub of culture, high-tech and
education, attracting students and lecturers from all over the country.
Sapir offers a wide range of disciplinary undergraduate and graduate studies:
* Software Systems & Computer Science, Technological Marketing,
Industrial Management and Control, Logistics and Operations.
* School of Audio and Visual Arts, Communications, Cultural Creation
and Production Studies.
* School of Law, Economics & Accounting, Human Resource
Management, Public Administration and Policy, Humanities and Social
Sciences, Economics & Management, School of Social Work.
* School of Practical Engineering (Learning Tracks: Architecture & Interior
Design, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Media
Design, Sound Engineering, Cinema & TV Arts, Water Technology
Engineering, Engineer – Mechatronics, Practical Mechanical Vehicle

Several annual conferences and events are organized and take place in
Sapir Academic College:
* The Sderot Conference for Society – annual event bringing together
political and economic experts to discuss relevant social issues and
* The Film Festival of the South – an international film festival
organized by the School of Audio and Visual Arts.
* Midarom (“From the South”) Festival – a multidisciplinary cultural
event produced by students from the department’s Cultural
Management track as part of their final project. Midarom Festival is a
model for developing and promoting sociocultural activism through
collaborations with various organizations and communities in
southern Israel.

In February 2019 Sapir launched the eXlab, an advanced technological center
offering a platform for innovation, in the Western Negev. The eXlab acts as a
working environment for workshops, hackathons, labs, clinics, teaching and

learning DH programs and mentoring innovative ideas of students. For more
information visit:


Mrs. Sagit Paltin-Yifrah

Head of Innovation at Sapir College.
Over the past 19 years, Sagit has filled various managerial roles at the
college; headed the information center in the Marketing Department; built from
scratch institutional marketing models and infrastructure; founded and
managed the Department of Organizational Development and Workers
Welfare at the Office of Human Resources; and served as Assistant President
and Project Manager at the College President’s office.
Sagit is a financial consulting veteran. She is an expert in small
businesses/family mentoring, seminar instruction and organizational process
development management in the industrial and public sectors.
Sagit is a partner/head of several cultural and recreational initiatives in the


Head of the academic program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, eXlab.
Dr. Kaufman is also a faculty member and a lecturer in the Applied Economics
and Technological Marketing departments. Specializes in management of
innovation and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on national policies for
supporting innovation. His current studies focus on environmental innovation
and the promotion of entrepreneurship in the Arab sector. Dr. Kaufman has
research collaborations with the EU (H2020), the Israeli Science Foundation
(ISF) and government offices in Israel. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an M.A. in Innovation Management from
Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and a PhD in Bio-tech
Entrepreneurship from Ben Gurion University. He also serves as a consultant
for companies and organizations such as the World Bank and the OECD.
He is also an entrepreneur himself and recently founded the “Street Piano”
company, specializing in the manufacturing of pianos for outdoor public

Mr. Nir Reuven

Mr. Nir Reuven

Twenty years of experience in managing development of multi-
disciplinary technological products at international companies. Today a
consultant, specializing in assimilating innovation in organizations and
advising entrepreneurs in innovative product development methodologies. Co-
managing the Sapir college Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center and a
lecturer in the field of product management and project management at Sapir
College and at the Ramat Gan Academic College.

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