VERN’ University of Applied Sciences started operating as a higher-educational institution in 2000. and it is the oldest and the biggest private higher institution in Croatia. Today VERN’ has: more than 2.100 students and 4.000 alumni; around 200 lecturers and 13 study programs. In cooperation with international partner UBI from Brussels we preform joint international MBA study.

VERN’ has 7 undergraduate programs: Entrepreneurship Economics; Tourism and Hotel Management; Business IT; Journalism; Technical Management; The Public Relations and Media Studies; Film, television and multimedia, and  6 specialist professional graduate study programs: Accounting and Finance; Entrepreneurial Management; Managing Business Communications; Managing Sustainable Tourism Development; IT Management; Human Resources Managment.

As the first Croatian private business school of higher education, VERN’ has started its academic existence with the professional studies of Entrepreneurship Economics, a study program that today represents the backbone of VERN’s undergraduate study programs and business culture promoted by the VERN’s educational programs. VERN’s target product is the transferred knowledge; knowledge that can be highly applied in business practice. Namely, these are applicable multi-disciplinary business skills based on economic, legal, communications and other theories of essential significance for business practice, which are acquired through interactive study in one of the undergraduate and graduate studies through problem-solving concept of teaching in small study groups.

Our general and particular as well as educational, business and institutional goals are inspired and harmonized with the declared vision, mission and values. VERN’ is strategically focused on education that gives values and competences needed for students and teachers in the accomplishments of their personal life aspirations and career potentials, as well as the social community’s well-being. It is our institutional goal to enable good-quality, efficient and international higher education which contributes to competitiveness of the Croatia society.


Gordana Ćorić

Gordana Ćorić

Gordana Ćorić has MSc. in Economy and is doctoral candidate. She is a Deputy Head of Undergraduate study program Entrepreneurship Economics and Senior Lecturer of Dynamic Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at the University of Applied Sciences VERN’, Zagreb, Croatia. She works as a teacher, trainer, mentor, researcher and program/project manager.

She is a member of the Team of experts and consultants for crowdfunding (UNDP supported project) since 2015. and has over 20 years of experience in management positions within international environment at the European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Research (Europe) and World Learning (American CSO in Croatia and surrounding countries).

She is also an owner-manager of consultancy and training company Festina lente (business services, counselling, consulting, training programs). During her career she has published over 20 professional, scientific and review papers.

Maja Kolega

Maja Kolega

Maja Kolega has MSc. in Psychology and is doctoral candidate. She is Deputy Chair of the Psychology and Communications Department and senior lecturer of Organisational psychology and Basics of Business Psychology and Communications at the University of Applied Sciences VERN’, Zagreb, Croatia. Maja Kolega is also a researcher, trainer and consultant at Methodus Consultant Company and counsellor at MODUS centre for children, young people and families.

She has more than 20 years of experience in educational field, with special interest in experimental learning. Furthermore, she has experience with creating and leading trainings for different organisation with different topics (team work, leadership, communication skills, negotiation etc.).

Her main research interests are focused on humanistic psychology, self-development, prosocial behaviour and social entrepreneurship. She has published over 15 professional, scientific and review papers.

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