KIIT University SinnoLAB

Our vision:
  • Creation of a conducive social ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Identifying Ambassadors for mobilizing the students/ entrepreneurs.
  • Creating immersion/ ignition programs for solving social issues.
  • Integrating academic knowledge with practical industry  inputs.

Creating an interactive network of impacting stake holders(state government, local community etc.,) for a progressive start –up ecosystem.
KIIT SinoLAB Staff including 9 teachers and two Managers. One of the managers partners in the KIIT university management.
In this two year we established: 5 academic courses for more then 650 students. More then 240 from the students was females. We orgnised 37 workshops, 2100 people, fore Hacathons and three accelators event. More of that we organized four speed mentor sessions for 58 students.

We created 15 partnerships with local, administrative, social and business organizations (Investa India, DST, MSME,MEity, Ashoka, APICOL, TBD,BIARC) this partners are interested in developing social and business entrepreneurship. They accompany the projects in three ways: they give lectures to students, they are personal mentors for projects that are experts in their field, financial support of scholarships – this ensures long-term activity of the projects until the success of the new business is established.

In our SinnoLAB we promoted the following patterns:
  • Differential Outlook to the Concept of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Extended sensitization about Social Entrepreneurship through workshops seminars and courses with integration of the learned best practices.
  • Cross learning amongst the students from different backgrounds
  • Igniting young minds towards responsibility towards the society and inculcating creativity in the young minds and reduction on the importance of Size.
  • Creation of a structured platform for connecting with international mentors curating the potential ideas to sustainable enterprises.

2500+ students sensitized through multiple activities inside the institutions and in partner institutions across 15 states in East and North East. 127 ideas received and processed during the period of 3 years. 54 Business Plans developed and Direct support through the Sinn lab provided to 29 ideas to initiate enterprise creation.

Creation of ecosystem relevant content for greater impact and immersion Local Ambassadors – College faculty and active E- cells for local mentoring and monitoring. Measurable change in mindset reflected in 30% increase in pipeline for all support programs Acceptance for integration of Social entrepreneurship module in the course curriculum in 7 external HEI Institutes Proactive Cross learning between individuals from diverse streams and geographic spreads.

we have also created a formulated mentoring programs to create a systematic guidance path. Creating a corpus of authentic mentors within the institution and from outside the institution.