LTJSS’S Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur

Vision and Mission of Social Innovation Hub:

To create a centre for revolutionizing social services through Social Innovation and social entrepreneurship among the local Indian community.


We are committed to improving social innovation and the processes behind them to the passionate entrepreneurs.


The Social Innovation Lab (Sinnolab) is setup to provide training, mentoring, guidance and facilities to novice entrepreneurs to hone their ideas and help them combine humanistic knowledge with sustainable business practices.

LTJSS’ Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur team brings together an exceptionally talented group of interdisciplinary professionals – all dedicated to further the cause of social justice through social innovation. We also work closely with international organizations on research and consultancy projects in this sector.

At Social Innovation Lab, we promote new ideas, design prototypes, learn and share the techniques of solving complex social problems. The Hub is working as a knowledge and experimentation hub, and has been continuously supporting students for tomorrow’s challenges.

Social innovation lab is to approach to tackling complex societal challenges that require systems change. This new league of labs provides a structured process for approaching messy and complex challenges and a safe and creative environment to experiment and to prepare prototype radical innovations. It also enables deep collaboration among multi-disciplinary teams and diverse stakeholders, and takes a user-centred approach.

While the social issues may vary from project to project, the intention is always the same, to improve social programs and create a model for other non-profits organizations to follow. the Social Innovation Laboratory functions both to combat serious social issues and to serve as an example of evidence based community efforts.

Goals set by institute at the beginning of project
  1. To create a awareness about social innovation and social entrepreneurship among students and local community
  2. To provide required training and mentoring
  3. To provide facilities of Sinnolab
  4. To establish networking with stakeholders
  5. To Disseminate the Silice project
  6. To initiate the social innovative projects
  7. To work on a cross-cultural environment with a multi-national staff.
We have achieved the set goals by following activities:
  1. Organized Idea contest in which students from our HEI and students from local community actively presented their ideas.
  2. Best ideas were selected for Mentoring
  3. We make available the facility of Sinnolab and provided guidance
  4. Helped them to prepare prototype/model
  5. Testing of models
  6. Prepared business plan
  7. Submission of Social Innovative project proposals to funding agencies like BI, MSME, IIC etc.
Organizational Structure:

  • Dr Vivek Nanoti – Project Head & Trainer
  • Dr Sadanand Deshpande – Sinnolab Manager & Trainer-Mentor
  • Dr Rakesh Himte – Sinnolab Manager & Trainer-Mentor
  • Dr Gajendra Asutkar – Teacher/Trainer
  • Dr Sumita Rao – Teacher/Trainer
  • Dr Rozina Rana – Teacher/Trainer
  • Dr Bhumika Agrawal – Teacher/Trainer
  • Mr Himanshu Taiwade – Teacher/Trainer


Roles and Responsibilities:

The role of Social Innovation Lab is to define and implement innovation strategy, projects and methodologies that envision, develop and incubate innovative ideas. This includes collaborating on new product design, social business ideas and types of response programming, designing and leading research and other ideas which improve humanitarian work.

The responsibility of the head of the Sinnolab is to supervise the general activity of the team, to arrange all documents and paperwork for the reports, to manage the budget and to prepare content for the entire project.

The responsibilities and roles of the managers are: to build an annual work plan for three years, prepare teachers for continuing studies abroad according to the timetable set in the program, to organize internal meetings at the institution in order to disseminate knowledge to lecturers and students, to provide information to the College’s management as well as to cooperate with management, raise budgets for scholarships for students and to maintain contacts with organizations outside the college, such as nonprofits organizations.


Social innovation laboratory (Sinnolab) is a work place created for training and mentoring the students and Peoples from local community. Sinnolab helps in providing training about creative thinking, ideation, developing models, preparation of business plan, how to convert idea into product.

Sinnolab Facility
  • ACCUCRAFT 3D Printer Model : 1250D
  • Interactive Smart Board with projector
  • Dell Vostro Desktop 3670 with Intel Core i3 8th Gen Processor & Dell E2216Hv Monitor.
  • HP Laser Printer Model: HP Laser Jet Pro M126nw
  • EPSON LCD Projector Model: Epson EB-X05
  • Software: KW9-00311 WINHOME 10 SNGL OLP NL Acdmc. Legalization Get Genuine Software: WinPro 10 SNGL Upgrd OLP NL Acdmc
  • ASUS Notebook X507UA-EJ456T, Intel Core i5 8th Gen
  • Public Adress (PA) System

Activities carried out at Sinnolab

National level Idea Contest (held a the SinnoLAB) – Ideas were invited about Social Innovation from the students ( within and outside institute ) Students presented various ideas on Social innovation.

Training on ICT to local Farmers (held at Kalmeshwar – 50 KM from Nagpur) – Training was imparted to local farmers about ICT and Innovative product related to agriculture.

Visit to Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Industrialization (MGIRI), and Center of science for villages (held at Wardha – 60 KM from Nagpur) – Interaction and collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Industrialization (MGIRI), and Center of science for villages, Wardha for Social Innovation.

Participated in Agro Exhibition (held at Telkamthi, Saoner – 65 KM from Nagpur) – Demonstrated Multipurpose Agriculture Machine designed and developed by students of PIET to local farmers and the machine was appreciated by all.

Workshop on Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship(WISE) (held at the SinnoLAB) – Training and Mentoring on Social innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.

Training and Mentoring activity (held at the SinnoLAB) – Training and Mentoring activity : on Creativity, Ideation , social innovation , social entrepreneurship, Business plan, Idea to Product , Environment and sustainability.