Oranim SinnoLAB


The Entrepreneurship Space – Oranim Academic College of Education

Our SinnoLab at Oranim College is called “The Entrepreneurship Space”. This name represents our perception and vision, which is to create a culture of entrepreneurship, in order to create a strong and resilient society. Being a college for education, we aim to promote social engagement, as we believe it contributes to the enhancement of values such as consideration, social solidarity, entrepreneurship and civic responsibility. All this is part of our role and reaponsibilty in creating a strong and thriving society.

The Entrepreneurship Space is part of CLI (Community; Leadership; Inspiration). CLI is a non-academic unit at Oranim College, which seeks to connect with people, organizations and projects both inside and outside the institution. Under CLI we have many programs, professional courses and centers that were developed in Oranim, using academic and professional knowledge.


Our goals at the Entrepreneurship Space:

  • To build a community of entrepreneurs
  • To develop partnerships
  • To create a culture of entrepreneurship within the college and outside (i.e. an ecosystem)


Our main activities are:

Professional lectures/workshops for entrepreneurs (students and from surrounding communities)

Entrepreneurs’ peer-meetings

Entrepreneurs’ community

Accelerators for entrepreneurs. We believe in the person, not the idea!

Non-Academic Courses & Lectures for general public and for organizations

Academic Courses

National forum for SE Organizations (Government, NGO, businesses)