Sakhnin SinnoLAB


First Hackathonfor Social Entrepreneurship at Sakhnin College

Date: March 27-28, 2019

Location: TAEQ, Sakhnin

The Hackathon,  as part of the SILICE-Erasmus+ project, was held on March 27-28, 2019 at TAEQ (Town Associations for Environmental Quality) in Sakhnin, Israel. The faculty members who accompanied the students were Dr. Waleed Khalifa, Dr. Manal Yazbak Abu Ahmad, Dr. Abed Shalata, Dr. Yaser Awad, Dr. Hussein Tarabe, and the expert Ms. Hanadi Hajras. The 8 teams (each team consisted of three students) presented their projects and the winning team will receive a fully funded trip to VIS island in Croatia at the end of May 2019 to present their project.

 The winning team has developed an agricultural application which will help both farmers and consumers. The team in the second place will get 3000 NIS (Each student will get 1000 NIS). Two teams won the second place, so each one will get 500 NIS. The first team will develop a Charity Online site called Greenpay, and the other one will develop a Golden Bin which will classify the Garbage into four main categories, and this will give the citizen a green card with accumulating points for each item he discards. The team in the third place will get 2100 NIS (Each student will get 700 NIS). The team that received the third place will develop an application called “Support the Local Economy”. 

We were fortunate that on the last day of our Hackathon, March 28, the EU ambassador his excellency, Mr. Emanuele Giaufret was visiting Sakhnin, and he met our students while they are working on their presentations. He was highly impressed by the entrepreneurship ideas he heard, and he took some photos with them. It is important to mention that all students had involved in entrepreneurship process received guidance with an expert facilitator, in addition to guest lecturers, for a full semester. they learned about the principles of social entrepreneurship, the foundations of developing an entrepreneurial idea, the elements and factors that must be addressed in the development process. The peak days of the learning and development process took place within the Hackathon framework of two-day event, in cooperation with TAEQ.

The President of the College, Prof. Mahmood Khalil, accompanied the process from its inception to the peak days. He praised the work of the faculty of the project and wished great success to the winning team in the 

international competition. He added that this activity put the college on the world stage together with the academic institutions that are partners in the project, as an additional process to improve the training of our students. Mr. Nazih Badarne, CEO of the College, joined the congratulations and promised continued funding and assistance to all groups participating in Hackathon, and said that the College will continue to fund such activities in the future, both locally and globally.


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