Date: Sep. 27. 2018

Location: Research Training Hall,DMIMS (DU) 

Special guests: Dr.R.M.Borle,Hon.Vice chancellor,DMIMS (DU).

Dr.S.Shrivastav,CEO,Hospitals,DMIMS (DU).

Dr.S Z Quazi,Director,R & D,DMIMS (DU).

Dr. S.Untwale,CEO,MGI.

As Expert Advisory Board Members

Number of faculty members: 10 Staff members

Number of students participated: 32 shortlisted Participants from 10 selected Teams 

The shortlisted candidates were invited to present their ideas before the advisory board. 

The board members thereafter interacted with each team in detail with respect to

the originality of the idea, feasibility, viability and sustainability of the project. After such interaction five ideas

were shortlisted for mentoring through Sinnolab.

The Remaining ideas will be further worked upon by handholding through Sinnolab Faculty members.

Interactive Session of participants with Staff, Students and Advisory board Members.