Date: Oct. 23. 2018

Location: Tel- Hai College

Guests:  All the Management of Tel- Hai College and Head of the Municipality

Number of Guests: 234 Academic and Management Staff

Mira Hershkovitz, Head of the Innovation Incubator in Tel Hai present the Innovation Incubator vision, the internal and external Stack holders and what is the next institution steps to coordinate between the different department and faculties to use the different resources to build a central organization to keep working on innovation and entrepreneur in courses, projects and in everyday life on campus. You can find presentations, administrative base and academic plan for free years learning of innovation, creative thinking and entrepreneur. The plan marks an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship on the campus.
The new Hub, in coordination with SILICE EU Project in Tel-Hai stands on three platforms, academic knowledge, community involvement and social innovation, as well as regional economic and administrative and foundation organization interests, such regional laboratory, the new food-Tech and business accelerator located in the city near Tel Hai.
The innovation in this new activity is a combination of all those responsible for working together to educate the students on innovation and their connection to the area in which they live and study.