Tel Hai SinnoLAB

The college allocated a designated space to expand the SinnoLAB, including an entrepreneurship and conference center (2,900 sq. ft.) with a detailed plan.

The establishment and operation of the “Center for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation” within the institutions of higher education, through which it is possible to develop, in new and creative ways, ideas of students and staff in response to social challenges in the community. 9 teachers and two managers working as the SinnoLAB staff. Two of them are new job they manage the new Innovation and entrepreneur center.

Opening of the SinnoLAB, the center of social and business entrepreneurship, which serves students, academic and administration staff as well as external parties. As part of the SinnoLAB, we created 36 academic courses and workshops. And total of 916 students took part in academic or training programs for the development of social entrepreneurship in the community or at the college. More than 150 people partnered in our 18 Tel Hai Hub workshops. Expanding students’ involvement in social activity in the community.

The awareness and attention of the college’s board to the importance of social and business entrepreneurship was increased, and the subjects were integrated into academic courses and training programs

Forming an organizational structure and defining positions that can promote social entrepreneurship programs – steering committee and other committees whose members are the project’s partners and A multi-year work plan.

More women were exposed to the options within the entrepreneurship community entrepreneurship and gained tools for the development of businesses and social entrepreneurship.
Nine social projects for the empowerment of disadvantaged communities were formed. The projects are focused on developing entrepreneurial thinking and community awareness among younger members of the community.

With the establishment of these projects we intend to achieve:

  • Promoting sustainability and recycling projects in the food industry.
  • Developing social entrepreneurships for teenagers, including at-risk youth.
  • Developing recycling and sustainability projects in the community.

Presenting the various definitions and models of multicultural social entrepreneurship and integrating them into the contents of the various courses

Operating social entrepreneurship courses and workshops in the SinnoLAB

Research seminar on social innovation and entrepreneurship in collaboration between three departments (education, human services and social work). Some of the research subjects are related to the project’s fields of interest, and we created a collaboration with KIIT University in India as a basis for a future shared online course

Meetings and personal connections were formed between the project’s participants in Israel, Europe and India

We developed a workshop for students from the departments of education, human services and social work aimed at solving social problems in collaboration between Tel Hai Academic College and Tecnic Lisbon.

Our new partners

Maavarim– partner in the courses for two years, involved in the hackathons.

Youth and employment centers in Kiryat Shemona and in the Upper Galilee regional municipality – involved in both hack-a-thons, mentor projects of students who had participated in the hack-a-thons.

David Freedman Fund – funds social, business and technology entrepreneurship based on competitions.

MAOF – the center for promoting small and medium businesses in the Upper Galilee – mentor operation.

Upper Galilee regional municipality – promoting social entrepreneurship in the community, development of social-communal projects. Operation of a number of courses and training programs in the community together with the above-mentioned agencies in the Upper Galilee.

The Hula Valley community – involvement in various projects that were initiated and led by students.

A detailed annual work plan was created, including deadlines, goals, expected results and future development prospects, which serve as foundation for long-term plans.