The Tel Hai school of education’s 6th annual conference was held today, 04.16.2018, dedicated to “social responsibility in academia”. The initiative for organizing this conference was influenced by the training sessions we had in the SILICE program. One of the conference’s main parts directly regarded issues studied in manager and teacher SILICE training sessions.

During this session, Dr. Sami Bahat explained to students the characteristics of social and educational entrepreneurship, presented them with the mentor system for entrepreneurship established in Tel Hai and invited the students to initiate and use this system both in order to plan and implement their various initiatives.

Dr. Ofra Walter – Head of the Education Department – presented the students with her impressions from visiting the KIIS boarding school as part of the training course held in Bhubaneswar India. In addition, she presented them with the new entrepreneurship room that was inaugurated in Tel Hai and encouraged them to use it to promote their initiatives.

Dr. Adam Weiler Gur Aryeh presented his impressions from meeting with Prof. Saroj Nyak who runs the social project KARMA –  (the meeting was also held as part of the course in India).