University of Pune SinnoLAB


Around 100 students were impacted by the SinnoLab, around 30 students participating were female. 

Five faculty members were impacted, 80% of the faculty members impacted were female.

SPPU in collaboration with external partner Mamasaheb Mohol College has set up  a Social Innovation for Local Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurs which focuses  on local innovators. The Centre has conducted various innovation activities and has provided a platform to students residing in slum areas,  with great potential.  

By identifying the strength of the students SinnoLab has provided the students complete support for many startup activities.   

Three startups proposals for social enterprises were submitted:

1)      Name of startup:- Siddheshwar Enterprises

2)      Name of startup:- No Excuse

3)      Name of startup:-Kondhalkar Consultancy


The aim of these cells is to induce entrepreneurial mindset into the students. These cells welcome business ideas of students and help them bloom into impactful endeavors through networking student enterprises from campus to incubators.  

This cell organizes such events throughout the year to promote entrepreneurial activities in the campus. This cell also conducts lectures and workshops focused at budding entrepreneurs and follows the slogan “Enterprise India”. 

  • On 25th July 2018 this cell organized business fair “Bazar@mmc” to develop entrepreneurial nature in the students. The cell has arranged three bazaars in the academic year 2018-19. 20 stalls were kept by the students in this fair. These stalls include foods, vegetables, books, jewelry etc. This activity is an initiative to develop entrepreneurship skills in the students.

The cell has encouraged all commerce, arts, computer science, junior college and vocational students to participate in business oriented activity.  Through this bazar students tried to understand trading activity. This bazar is a practical display of small scale business for the students. In this month food & snacks stall received huge response. These stalls did very good sale.   


  • On 25th August 2018 this cell organized another business fair “Bazar@mmc”. Total 19 stalls were kept by the students in this fair. Students experimented with different items by keeping it for the sale. In this bazar LED bulb stall, bags, rakhi stall etc. were there. The products other than foods & snacks received excellent response in this bazar. Students from vocational department enthusiastically kept innovative products which they have made. Since festival season starts from this month, students displayed variety of products.


  • On 12th December 2018 cell organized another business fair “Bazar@mmc”. Total 40 different stalls have been kept by the students which include mobile accessories, readymade garments, jewelry stalls etc.  Students has gave tremendous response and kept maximum stalls in the bazar. With this activity students developed their communication skills and tried to improve their business skills as well.

Student’s response and participation in bazaar has improved their trading experience with these activities.